Political Op/Ed by Michael Young, Belfair: Tom Farmer for PUD 3


Mason County is growing, and with that growth comes change. Sometimes change is difficult and heavily fought by a community, but change happens one of two ways: either to a community or with the help of a community. When a community embraces change, it can ensure that the community’s best interests are served. Change needs to be effective and for that to occur, it needs leadership with foresight and integrity. That is why I am voting for Tom Farmer for Mason County PUD #3 Commissioner.

I had the opportunity to work with Tom while Chairing the Successful 2013 NMSD Bond campaign. Tom not only assisted with some introductions to local business leaders, but also his friends and family. As a business owner, Tom’s friends asked why he was supporting a bond to build a new high school when he had no school-age children home anymore, yet would he would be paying his share as if he did. Tom responded,  that he believed in this community and for the North Mason area to reach its potential a school district with first rate facilities was crucial. Tom and I have had many conversations about handling the inevitable growth of Mason County while not losing the identity that we cherish. I know we can do it as long as we have leaders and business owners like Tom Farmer to lead the way.

Michael Young, Belfair