Political Op/Ed by Craig Patti, Allyn: Support Tom Farmer


As a ratepayer in the PUD 3, it is important that our utility not only works to keep our rates as low as possible, but that it operates at a high, open, and efficient level. This is why I am voting for Tom Farmer as my Commissioner. Tom is everything Mason County: honest, humble, and blue collar. Tom has built a successful small business that has provided for his family and for those of us that love local shellfish. He is a supporter of smart and well-planned economic development and under his term has helped the PUD lead the way to create a viable economic center in Shelton. Tom supports his community and is involved in numerous causes that benefit all of Mason County, not just his neighborhood.

PUD#3 has amongst the state’s lowest outage rates, and maintains a level of customer service and communication that is rarely seen in government. When it comes to representation, I would rather have a person who knows hard work, rather than by a person who reports about hard work.

Craig Patti, Allyn