Skokomish Flood Zone Abolished

video iconMason County has abolished the Skokomish Flood Control Zone District. The District was created in 1976 and included areas in the Skokomish Valley and Lake Cushman. However, Lake Cushman residents petitioned the Mason County Commission, which acts as the Board of Supervisors for the Flood Control District, to be removed from the District in 2011. The Commissioners then suspended the 16 cents per thousand property tax levied for the Flood Control District and looked into removing Lake Cushman and/or adjust the District’s boundaries. After much consideration, County Public Works staff determined the best course of action would be to abolish the Skokomish Flood Control Zone District but leave the fund where the property taxes from the District have been kept active. According to Loretta Swanson from Mason County Public Works, the funds have been allocated for work that will be done in the Skokomish Valley:

Residents of Lake Cushman voice their support for abolishing the District during a public hearing Tuesday morning:

The resolution abolishing the Skokomish Flood Control Zone District was approve unanimously.