Political Op/Ed by Wyla Wood, Shelton: Re-election Tom Farmer


I am writing this letter to support Tom Farmer for re-election as commissioner at Mason County PUD No. 3. 

As a recently retired PUD employee, I have had considerable firsthand experience with his opponent. He attended a number of commission meetings during the process leading up to the decision to build a new campus on Johns Prairie Road. Since he was reading a newspaper during most of the presentations, he must not have heard the analysis of the pros and cons and subsequent discussions. He always had a prepared speech, however, that was very negative and with considerable vindictiveness that was directed at the commission and staff. Attempts to attempts to provide factual corrections to the misinformation that was being aggressively distributed by this gentleman were met with tirades and angry rejections.

One of the erroneous facts quoted by Tom Farmer’s opponent is that the water line that was extended from the city to the PUD was for the express benefit of a proposed biomass plant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The PUD had no interest in that plant and had no plans to purchase any of the output. The PUD is required to facilitate access to the regional electric grid through its system but all costs associated with that access would have been borne by Adage through an upfront cash payment.

The water line is a great cooperative project shared by the City of Shelton, Port of Shelton and PUD. It provides water and fire flow to not only the Port and PUD for their needs but also makes water service and fire flow available for new development.

I urge serious consideration to the re-election of Tom Farmer to continue the positive and progressive, albeit fiscally conservative, operation of Mason County PUD 3.

Wyla Wood, Shelton