Political Op/Ed by Jeff Green, Shelton: Support John Komen for PUD



If ratepayers in Mason County PUD 3 want change, if they want someone who isn’t afraid to shake things up, ask questions and get to the bottom of things — they should elect John Komen, Mason County PUD 3 commissioner.

John has proven himself to be a man of intelligence and great integrity, beholden to no one.

John Komen will make a fine commissioner. He has the time, commitment and ability to get things done for the district and its citizens. I encourage all ratepayers to join me and vote for John Komen, Mason County PUD 3 commissioner.

Jeff Green, Shelton

One thought on “Political Op/Ed by Jeff Green, Shelton: Support John Komen for PUD”

  1. ‘Getting to the bottom of things’ implies (at least to me) obtaining facts. The dictionary defines integrity as “adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.”

    I’m not sure any of that can be applied to John Komen’s campaign for PUD #3 Commissioner. As recently as the September 30 Mason County Democrat’s newsletter he has claimed the PUD “abandon(ed) downtown Shelton”, leaving “three more vacant office buildings.”

    The facts are that two of the three PUD buildings affected by the move had already been sold PRIOR to May 12, 2014, the day Mr. Komen filed for office. Making (and continuing to make) a claim which was demonstrably false before he was even a candidate either doesn’t say much for his ability to ‘get to the bottom of things’ or it doesn’t say much for his ‘moral and ethical principles’, let alone his ‘honesty’.

    He claims the waterline extension was ‘unnecessary’, while studies as far back as the 1990’s indicated water issues on John’s Prairie and recommended extending City water to the area. The Port of Shelton was under a Department of Ecology order to reduce water withdrawals from their wells on John’s Prairie. The Department of Ecology was responding to lawsuits from the Squaxin Tribe over the impact to John’s Creek salmon runs. Even Jack Miles, a Port Commissioner at the time (who shared Komen’s opposition to the proposed biomass plant) voted in favor of the waterline extension.

    The PUD #3 Commission vote on the interlocal agreement between the PUD, Port and City enabling the waterline construction was unanimous, despite Mr. Komen’s claim of a ‘divided Commission’ and ‘2:1 votes’ on issues related to the John’s Prairie relocation.

    Does John Komen really pay that little interest to the issues of the organization he claims to want to lead? Or is he intentionally misleading the public for his own political gain? Neither of these should be acceptable to the ratepayers of PUD #3.

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