Political Op/Ed by Bill Green, Allyn: Endorsement Letter for Tom Farmer


My family and I will be voting to Re-Elect Tom Farmer for the position of Commissioner Mason County PUD #3. We first met Tom 0ver ten years ago while purchasing Oysters and clams from his Oyster Company. Tom and his wife Jean are the real deal. We have also had the opportunity to work with Tom on a few projects within the North Mason School District and Tom demonstrates he is man who relies and depends on delivering the best. Tom just does not listen and hear your concerns about the socially economic issues of Mason County or the importance of sustainability of the resources, he lives and depends on those issues.

As a Professional Firefighter for over 20 years I depend on people those whom I work with and know will deliver a product that is the best and safest for the citizens. Tom does this for Mason County.  If you care about your community as we do, and Tom does!

I urge you to Vote YES for Tom Farmer.

Thank You

Bill, Malynda Green, Allyn