Flood Warning for the Skokomish

A flood warning is in effect for the Skokomish River. Heavy rain over the Olympic Peninsula combines with low elevation snow melt runoff will drive the Skokomish above flood stage this morning (Saturday, January 21, 2012) with minor flooding expected into Saturday night.In addition, the next storms arriving late this weekend and early next week could renew flooding on the River. The current forecast for the Skokomish has the River cresting at 17 feet about 10 AM this morning, staying at that level until about 4 PM this afternoon and falling below the 16.5-foot flood stage about 10 PM tonight.

Meanwhile, the flood advisory for urban and small streams remains in effect as rain and melting snow continues. Two to five inches of precipitation has fallen over the Olympic Peninsula since early Friday morning. The rainfall runoff is combining with snow melt to produce minor urban and small stream flooding. Local ponding of storm water and melting snow on roadways – especially in intersections and underpasses – will be a minor hazard for motorists. In addition, blocked culverts and clogged drains will create areas of minor urban flooding. Some small streams could overflow their banks and there is also a possibility of landslides. Clearing nearby storm drains could help lessen the ponding of water.