Strong Arm Robbery in Belfair

MCsheriff logoThe Mason County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 24-year-old man after a strong arm robbery at the Belfair Chevron Sunday morning. According to a news release, at approximately 6:24 AM, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office was called regarding a physical altercation in progress at the Mini-Mart Store. Upon arrival, Sheriff Deputies arrest a suspect for going into the Belfair store, stealing items and assaulting the store’s clerk multiple times. The 60-year-old store clerk stated that the suspect entered the store, gathered some items, attempted to pay for the items with a stolen credit card, shoplifted some other items and then assaulted the clerk when confronted with the stolen credit card and shoplifting. Video surveillance revealed that the suspect entered the store, took some items, assaulted the clerk, left the store, the clerk holding the door shut, the suspect forcing his way back into the store, assaulting the clerk again, then leaving to be apprehended by Sheriff Deputies. After resisting arrest, Sheriff Deputies found five different credit cards in the suspect’s wallet that did not belong to the suspect. The store clerk was transported to the hospital for a possible concussion, possible fractured ribs and bruising to his right eye. The store clerk was treated for his multiple assault injuries and later released. The charges against the suspect include Robbery 1st Degree, Assault 2nd Degree, Unlawful Factoring of Transactions and 5 counts of Possession of Stolen Property. The investigation continues.