Belfair Sewer Discussed at Voice Meeting

NM VoiceBelfair Sewer was discussed Monday night at the North Mason Community Voice meeting. The discussion primarily focused on the system’s debt and funding operations, and the possibility of expanding the system to serve the South Kitsap Industrial Area (SKIA) just across the county line, north of Belfair. Members of the Belfair Sewer Advisory Committee were in attendance to explain what they are doing to help solve the financial issues that go along with a system most believe is too big. Bob Harris sits on the Advisory Committee:

The Committee hopes to have a recommendation for the Mason County Commission in the next three months for a “Comprehensive County Wide Sewer Financial Plan”. Click here to view the Belfair Sewer Advisory Committee Statement to North Mason Community Voice. If you have any questions or wish to make a suggestion to the Advisory Committee, send an email to

There are several people and entities working on the concept of expanding to serve SKIA including Congressman Derek Kilmer. Joe Dacca is on the Congressman’s staff:

Mason County Commissioner Randy Neatherlin:

David Overton, whose family owns much of the property in the South Kitsap Industrial Area as well as large parcels in the Belfair area, says the only way an expansion would work is if there is a large project proposed for the area:

More information is still being developed on the concept of expanding the Belfair Sewer System to the South Kitsap Industrial Area.

Another document circulated during Monday night’s meeting was a call for action against raising sewer rates:

Belfair Sewer-NMCVoiceCALLtoACTION

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