Next Weather Problem: FLOODING

There is the potential for flooding this weekend. According to National Weather Service forecasters, a wet and active weather pattern is in place over Western Washington for the next week. As we wind up this snow storm and the melt begins, there will be an elevated amount of water equivalent on the ground in the form of snow which will begin to runoff into area rivers. Meanwhile, a Pacific storm is heading for the region beginning on Friday and staying around into Saturday that will bring up to two inches of rain. High temperatures will be in the mid 40s causing the snow to melt. The rain and snow melt together could drive rivers above flood stage. This includes the Chehalis and Skokomish Rivers. Any flooding that does occur is expected to be minor. In addition, this could produce urban and small stream ponding or flooding from snow and ice clogged drains and culverts just about anywhere. Officials are calling this weather situation “tricky” to forecast and there is some uncertainty that there will or will not be flooding. Rainfall intensities and the amount and rate of snow melt will determine how high the rivers rise. Specific river forecasts may not fully indicate the existing flood risk. Please be prepared.

Current forecast for the Skokomish River: