Mason County Approves Recreational Marijuana Regulations

video iconThe Mason County Commission has adopted regulations allowing State-Licensed producers, processors and retailers of recreational marijuana. After two public hearings, the Commissioners refined exactly where each type of business can be located during their Tuesday business meeting.

Now, according to the County Code, Title 17, producers (or growers) and processors can be located on the same parcel as long as they meet the strict licensing guidelines of the Liquor Control Board. The zones in the county producers and processors can locate include Rural Residential as long as it is on five acres or more and have a “100 foot buffer from neighboring residential dwelling unit”; rural commercial; rural industrial, rural natural resources, as well as commercial and industrial zones. Retailers can located in designated for rural commercial, general commercial or industrial.

recreational pot regs

The County’s Department of Community Development will be scheduling an open house for those wishing to apply for a recreational marijuana license. During this event, planning staff will be on hand to answer questions relating to zoning and building codes for these types of businesses.


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