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If interested in advertising on call or text 360-229-2234 or email

Here are our current rates & services:

For a banner ad in the next available spot in the left column of every page: $80.00 a month.  Ad can be changed at any time and will be linked to the advertiser’s website or any site. Advertiser is billed at the end of each month. Ads will go live on once approved.

Weekly rate is $30.00; daily rate is $5.00 (ad is linked to advertiser’s website or any site).  Weekly and daily ads must be prepaid.

Charges for special placement on

Additional $25.00 per month for top spot on page – if available

Additional $20.00 per month for second spot on page – if available

Additional $15.00 per month for third spot on page – if available

Placement in specific story, category, subject matter, tag or event: $35.00 per placement per story – billed monthly.


Live Video Streaming Sponsorship – Sports Webcasts:

$30.00 per game: minimum of three commercials¹, opening and closing billboards. Additional $20.00 per game to be title sponsor of the pregame show (which includes coaches’ interviews) or halftime show (which includes game statistics and feature interview).


Live Video Streaming Sponsorship – Non Sports Webcasts (including Mason County Commission and Shelton City Commission meetings):

$20.00 per webcast (or meeting): banner ad before and after webcast, and a commercial¹ during the webcast if there is a recess or break. No guarantee of a break or recess.


Fee for live webcasting/video recording event, meeting or gathering:

$100.00 (minimum): includes setup and first two (2) hours; $25.00 per each additional hour. Charge includes one camera and up to three microphones. Additional equipment needs will incur additional charges which are negotiable. Public Address System available. Charge also includes reasonable editing (up to one (1) hour) if necessary and upload/one (1) DVD copy. Additional editing is $25.00 per hour. Additional DVD copies $15.00 each.

Just about anything is possible and negotiable. Bring your ideas and we will discuss what can do for you. 

¹ Note: There are costs for video commercial production starting at $25.00 for simple production (logo with voice over and music) on up to $300.00 for multiple graphics, video shots, voice over, music, mixing and other editing. Commercial copy writing included. Maximum length of commercial is 30 seconds.